Intuitive Business Mentoring
For Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs
Who Want to Make a Difference
While Making a Profit.

Get insights on Miracles, Business + Conscious
Harness the awesome power of intention.

Success Stories

“Over the last two years I’ve spent over $150K in coaching services, programs, and masterminds — and I got MORE specific insights about my personal blocks to success out of my 2 Spotlight VIP Days with Jodi then I got from all of that combined!

Had I found Jodi two years ago I would have made a lot more money in my business over the last two years as a result of the performance boost this can create.”

James Regan

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Somehow by the end of the time I left there with a mission, goals, outcomes desired, a way to track it – you unblocked me in ways I didn’t even know I was blocked.

Michelle Depres

I now have a solid, achievable action plan, designed specifically for me. I now feel like my dreams will become a reality and my purpose will be fulfilled because I chose to take part in this program.

Jodi has amazing insight and intuition. She helped me to identify blocks that have been holding me back, and these blocks were on a deep, deep soul level. She helped me to clear them out mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

Lizbeth Peter

Get insights on Miracles, life + Conscious Creation.
Learn to harness the power of intention.


Hi, I’m Jodi Fedor, Host of Illumination TV, CEO of Disruptive Radiance Inc.

I’m a Spiritual, Life & Business Mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. I help people just like you find or follow your divine calling and get vividly clear on your vision and plan. I then use my intuitive and spiritual gifts to look inside you at a deep core level in order to identify the blocks that are holding you back, blocks that you are probably unaware of. Then together we clear them, which is often an easier process than you might expect.

Why is this important? Critical even? 

Do you feel that you are currently living below your potential, and you’re not exactly sure why? You don’t know what’s holding you back. You have big aspirations. You want to rapidly scale your business while creating more personal freedom and joy in your life. You want your business aligned with your purpose, passion & values. You want to live boldly into the great adventure of who you were created to be.

That’s the work we do together. Once we’ve completed the crucial inner work, I then guide you through the process of putting the right structures, marketing, plans and systems in place so you can increase your profits and grow a solid, strong business with a consistent revenue stream.

Having a guide is crucial. If you have a dream inside you, a vision that you want to bring to life or want to rapidly expand, I’m here to help. In my own world, I’ve learned to shorten the distance between dream and action, from desire to results, from darkness into light. As your guide, I can show you how.

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I believe anything is possible. That you have magic, power and grace within you.

There is no darkness too dark. Light can always come cracking in. Abundance is everywhere. Freedom is a choice.
Adventure awaits. Miracles are real. Growth can be easy. Who you are is perfect.

You’ve got this.

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